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Hi All,
I am turning 51 on Sunday. Due to go back to neurologist in August. As my last appointment she said I ticked the boxes for Parkinsonism. Yet want to do another mri to rule out other illnesses that may mimic. I have tremors sometimes just tremors ( I guess like essential tremors) yet not pill like tremors, which don’t know what she means, I do have spasms in my fingers like someone is pulling at strings, also I can have fingers that shake from side to side, (hard to explain it) anyways. I got my report and it shows everything is good. I am abit confused as to whether she was saying if mri is clear my clinical diagnosis is Parkinson’s, not sure if that is the case whether she is s neurologist that likes to wait to give medication or if she likes to give it early. If I am diagnosed with Parkinson’s and she doesn’t put me on medication straight away can I ask for her to do so? Not lethal I like taking any medication of any kind. Yet am noticing I can’t walk very far, I am getting back spasms, I am, getting like twitches just under my ribs (new occurrence) and basically if diagnosed I want to be able to go to work without feeling so stiff and in pain, be able to walk distance of a shopping centre, and do my own grocery shopping in a supermarket. Go on holidays see the sites without it taking forever for me to reach my destination.
I can cope with whatever comes my way but like to be informed -have some control issues😁 hope this all makes sense, in my head it does.

Hi @Lisa1968,

I understand why you may be feeling a little unsure at the moment as many of the symptoms you’ve described sounds very similar to Parkinson’s symptoms. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to diagnose Parkinson’s and I would encourage you to go back to your GP with some notes on your symptoms for more examinations. We have a page on questions you should ask your GP which you may find useful here -

You can also use the above information to help give you clarity on medication. If you need further support on this, please give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

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Hello Lisa, further to Reah’s response I would just add that if you don’t understand what your GP, consultant or whoever is saying to you never be afraid to say exactly that and ask for a plain English explanation. Whatever your diagnosis it is happening to you, not them and it is important you understand and agreetgg to any tests or treatments. In a way Parkinson’s and I would suggeswat many other neurological conditions are something of an inexact science - we may all have the same diagnosis but its impact is very individual so you need to understand what you are being told. With that understanding, you will be better placed to make informed decisions and that can make you feel you have some control. Write questions down so you do don’t forget anything and keep asking until you are sure you understand. It can be a bit daunting to ‘question’ people in apparent authority but you have a right to ask so don’t be put off - and don’t forget the Helpline if you need a hand. Good luck.

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It sounds to me like you’d benefit from some physiotherapy, regardless of the diagnosis. My GP was able to refer me to the local neurology physiotherapy team without waiting for a neurology diagnosis and I started physio weeks before I was diagnosed. I suggest you discuss a referral with your GP.