Quick question

Hi everybody, I've recently been DX so I'm still at the 'Why me' point about it all,

I'm still waiting to see my GP so as yet I've not started on any medication, I'll let you all know when that happens as no doubt I'll be in a minor panic again.

I've decided to let all the family know so there will be no unspoken questions about the tremors, but with that came all the "oh my friend had that" stuff, but one thing that I have heard is about caffeine, is it bad for me? good for me or what, is there any thing I should avoid?

Thanks again everybody and have a happy new year
coffee - why not, might do some good, at minimum caffeiene helps the neurons get activated.
dont worry over much about food and drink.
will be interesting to see what you are prescribed.
i know it sounds silly - but relax. nothing big is going to happen soon. probably.
dont look too far ahead, as doris day sang - the future's not ours to see.
but most of all welcome and hope you enjoy visiting.
things to avoid
- the carers section
- anything made by Greggs
- bad neurologists
- excessive dopamine agonists causing obsessive behaviour
- sharks
- people who think they are funny

Hi Beemer, like you I felt concerned particularly when I started medication, but I have tried to remain upbeat, which I know is easy to say. I try and exercise and push myself to do things, but also not to put myself in stressful situations, if I can. Good luck, best wishes
Turnip, once again you sum things up so eloquently! Best wishes for 2013
thank you v
Hi Everyone, I just have one quick Question mainly for Turnip. Why should our new newbie friend avoid things made by Greggs? (I assume you mean Greggs the bakers?
I do apologise, but, I was under the impression that "Quick question!" the title of this section was for "Quick questions!" So, Why are sharks relevant and Greggs the Bakers? Are they relevant to this question too. I am not trying to upset anyone, I just want to put the correct things in thre correct sections. Thank you BA.
hi BA, i have a personal intense dislike for Gregg's products - but i know they are very popular and i thought it might get a reaction. i am more than prepared to defend my position on greggs in an off-topic post and then gradually resile from that position.
it was mainly a joke - though a joke with a centre of sloppy minced [removed for legal reasons] like gregg's sausage rolls
it was a list with a few joke items, but not just to cheer up a newcomer but to also show that pd is just a part of life - that there are still ordinary things like gregg's sausage rolls and still extreme things that are much more dangerous like sharks and that pd's dangers and pitfalls are not all-consuming, that it fits into the vast spectrum of ordinary life.
Hi turnip
Yes avoid going in the sea all the trembling will attract the shark and with the slowness of pd you won't be able to get out the water quick enough,,
But seriously judge for yourself if you need medication the side effects can make you worse than you are now defeating the object .if you have a litte tremor is it really worthy being dizzy,headachy and confused or tired all the while.
Medication only makes the symptoms less o don't add anymore symptoms to it.i had alot of issues besides pd when dx and I said why mrf I think everyone looks forward to a nice future with no work but sometimes it just doesn't work out like that .do now what you have planned for the future.
I have found this forum more helpful than the neurologist .they treat you like your on a production line and are so happy to see you.where as I wanted answers why,how,how long left,how long have I had it for,
All the best john
Hi, Blue Angel here. Can anyone please tell me how to stop this b! head movement, which today seems relentless, but worse after meds. It really is driving me to a point I do not wanmt to be driven to. And it makes the muscles in my neck so sore. All I seem to be able to do is lie on the floor.
Hey Turnip!

Loved your post on things to avoid - made me laugh out loud, so do keep 'em coming. We need all the humour we can get at this time of year!