Radiation effects

Has anyone either done any research or have knowledge that relates to the increase in Parkinson’s, (particularly affecting women) from EMF and all the radiation we are all exposed to nowadays?

I am new to Parkinson’s and this forum, however I am not new to radiation. I was in the army Radar/Missile defence, been around computers for much of my life… I have also had 6 breast lumps and many Xrays, which of course accumulates the radiation in our bodies…

This is a concern and a theory that I would like to investigate and know the facts… I found one or two papers online that seem to bear out my thoughts and also found others that completely deny that radiation can be a possible cause or exacerbate the condition…

Very interested to hearing the views and experiences of others…


Parkinson’s probably has many different factors that increase the risk.
It was first described 200 years ago, long before man made radiation so while it ‘may’ increase the risk, it wont be the only factor.
Chemicals and over processed foods are also likely suspects.

Parkinson’s is more prevalent in rural areas so one hypotheses is farm chemicals are a major contributing factor.The rural area I live in has a higher than normal percentage of PD sufferers and it is also a potato growing area. One of the chemicals used in potato production (Paraquat) has been linked to PD and since banned in some countries.

There are a lot of studies trying to narrow down the causes and I hope they continue. Too late for me but it would be nice if the next generation didn’t have to put up with it.
What the researchers need is access to long term health records for a full population. Sweden had those records so some good research has used their records. This is where the rural link as well as gut health were shown as factors.
Unfortunately, Australia (where I live) thinks that access to health records is an invasion of privacy so we are unable to contribute to research as much as I think we should.