Radiculopathy Treatment

A few months back, I met with an accident and it was my fault. For a moment I could not control because I fell asleep and my car hit a tree. I had a huge blow to my head and shoulders. For the past few months, I have been undergoing treatments and is getting recovered. But there is a constant pain in my hand that seems to radiate from the spine. I talked with the doctor about it, wanted to know if the accident had caused any damage to my spine. We couldn’t discover anything from the scanning. But I am not able to put a hold on the pain. Sometimes I feel numbness in muscles and there is a tingling sensation in my fingers. After a thorough diagnosis, my doctor came up with the results and confirmed that it is radiculopathy. He has put me on ibuprofen and tramadol along with many others. But that deals only with the pain. He said that physiotherapy alone would not solve the problem. But then, there is another radiculopathy treatment in Mississauga which has confirmed results. I haven’t heard of any such treatments. Do you guys have any insight about it? Please do let me know I the comments. Thank You.

Hi @Justfly,

Unfortunately, there is no information on radiculopathy in the forum archive nor on the Parkinson’s UK forum. This may be a query our helpline team can help you with - do give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

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