Radio 5 coverage of impulsive & compulsive behaviour

Anyone who has read Pete Langman's book 'Slender Threads' will know that, like many of us, Pete has direct experience of impulsive & compulsive behaviour. They will also know that Pete is an intelligent and articulate guy with a talent for elegant prose. 

He was featured on a Radio 5 programme the other day and for a limited time you can hear a replay of it on the BBC website ( ). Pete's bit starts at 7.30 (minutes) and is about 6 minutes long.

Pete explains a bit more of the background to the interview on his blog

I think it is important to keep talking about these issues to make everyone affected by Parkinson's more aware of the potential for subtle but far reaching behaviour changes in PwP. 

Elegant Fowl


p.s. I use the name Elegant Fowl here, Pete Langman's twitter handle is @elegantfowl. The fact that we are both young onset PwP is a poetic coincidence.