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Hello all
The last two weeks have been bad, the most evil depression has haunted me, it has a fearsome grip which I have tried and tried to shake off to no avail , its sods law ,the DD Is working fine and has shown much improvement in every way so why oh why must I endure this blackness, I am beginning to think I will never feel happy again, all the things which used to bring joy and happiness have completely evaporated, I feel I have lost the caring side of my nature and indeed have behaved very badly to the people I love most,if you remember I had a large sun house and a large new shed delivered last week, surely a excuse for celebration for any bloke ,but I am not interested, I was watching the SKY AT NIGHT, and decided to purchase a very expensive Telescope, £569 plus pp,it arrived yesterday, and is all packed back in its box ready for its return to Batley West Yorkshire,I assembled it and as it is a self tracking scope I also had to set up the on board computer it is a superb device and I am very keen on
Astronomy and was looking forward to seeing the moon in extreme detail, but even as I was setting it up I felt no enthusiasm no fascination nothing at all, I feel brain dead,I do hope it goes soon as I feel I am turning into a monster I am beginning to hate myself and do not know which way to turn.:cry:
Sorry to bring bad tidings but I feel a wee bit better letting you all know, with you all on side, I hope I can beat this .
Kindest Regards and ,HELP! fedex

hi Fed
seemingly extreme depression is a side effect of duadopa. You probably need to tell you doctor as soon as possible. you sound pretty bad and i think your neuro would like to be told (its in the guidelines for treatment. perhaps they can tweak the supply to give you something to counter it.

on a cheerier note - i would love to get a telescope - our street has no lighting and the skies are usually clear in winter (in summer there are too many mossies). the stars are amazing.


Hi fed

Depression tries to convince us that we can only be depressed, it narrows our view until it's all we see. It feeds on itself, like a snake eating its own tail. I know it doesn't feel like it but depression is temporary.

GP visit perhaps?

I hope it eases soon

dr jonny