Raising arms above the head

i find my arms ache so much and wrists if i put them above me head for a bit ,wot i mean is ,when u washing ur hair ,shampoo,then condioner,then towel dry, then u have to go get the hair dryer agin aches like made,drying to dry it with one arm and use brush with the other ,then sraightners ,god wot a difficult one ,i wont count how many times i have burned me fingers,shaving also ino it dont go above ur head ,but agin a difficult one.putting make up on foundation thats fine ,but when u get to ee liner and mascara lolol god wot a mess,

Hi Ali, Your post made me smile cos I pictured you walking around hand in the air for hours, then sayin 'why me arms achin eh? On a more serious note, lippy and mascara are a bit of a nightmare.....How do you spot a woman with pd....massie down cheeks and lippy near forehead. What athough!!!!!


:wink: Me too! LOL :flushed: :rolling_eyes:

But I wonder how you tell a PD compulsive disorder cross dresser?

hello Ali . Do you think you could manage to do some neck rolling/stretching exercises . Maybe some shoulder rolls and lifts as well ... Since my husband has been doing them REGULARLY !! it has helped his upper back pain and mobility wise ..

hi ya johnnie,yes i could manage that,and thankyou for givin me some ideas,i no exercise is very important for pd,cus of stiffness etc,i blong to the gym which was done through the gp,but at mo im iller than expected and gym is a no no for me.but i can sit down on the chair and do the neck ones and shoulder ones like you surgested,thankyou agin ,i will let u no how i get on,im glad it is helpin you hubby out,well done him x:smile:

Dear Ali,

Have you considered a "home hairdresser"? Mine is brilliant - she will stop and let me get up if I feel uncomfortable and is not at all fazed by my "twitching".
Just a thought

Best wishes

On a less serious note - masscara and lipstick? - forget them!

Wow, Johnnie, how did you come across this thread after over 2 years dormant?

It never ceases to amaze me what a huge proportion of their lives the ladies spend putting makeup on and taking it off again.


Ali J if the gym's no for you at the mo, have you tried pilates? Its not aerobics or lots of energy, its using little muscles that support the big muscles and which we all ignore. I started doin it cos my body ached sooooo much with moving and handling and stress and now I feel can stand up without aching and do the moving and handling ok and my h says it is much better for him also ie being moved around and now am gonna teach him pilates, Johnnie made me think of it with what she said. luv Sunray

hi sunray,can u tell me with pilates,can u do it sittin on the floor,reason im askin this is cus i carnt balance on me own to feet very well,i use to sticks for aids.and if i can go on the floor ,i think it would be a good thing as well for me.x:smile:

I have an AeroPilates 4695 4 Corded Machine with Extra Large Bed & Cardio Board cost me £385.00 and I found it did help me till my bones got so bad I couldn't use it anymore. It is raised above the ground say about a foot. Excellent piece of machinery.

Hi Ray of Sunshine . I am a nosey old bat LOL . Seriously I have just been going back through older threads . You would think I didn't have enough to occupy myself with lol

Lots of things get left on the back burner while I search for anything that will assist me in supporting my husband .