Raising money for PD research

Hi people,

I just wanted to tell you that I joined a local PD organization that started a year ago. In that year they raised around 75.000 euro. I joined in september. I went there and had a talk with the founders. It's just 2 people. And they are the only ones working in the organization. Because I joined, we are now 3 people. I contacted a local soccer team. Actually one of the biggest soccer teams in my country. I managed to get a signed soccer ball and a signed shirt, signed by all players. We will sell this in an action. Besides that, one of the soccer players will be the face for our organization for the coming year so we will get more publicity and raise more money.

Soon we will give a party for people with PD (not only to raise money but to let PD patients enjoy a party in which they will not be judged for the symptoms they have) so we can raise extra money for research. If the organization reaches 100.000 euro, we are allowed to get time on TV and make more publicity for the organization.

I know this is not huge money, but I am still happy to have a contribution in trying to find a cure.