Ralnea XL Prolonged Release Rapinirole 2MG

Hi Everyone


I was hoping for some advice please I have been on prolonged release rapinirole 2mg for 1 week and today I have upped the dose to 4mg daily My Parkinsons nurse wants me to keep doing this so by the 4th week of therapy I will be on 8mg a day.My main problem is indigestion really suffering with these not acid indigestion but wind whistling all around the chest very uncomfortable I do have a hiatus hernia which probably makes it worse any tips or tricks please to try and lesson the problem thanking you ..............Paul


Hi Paul

I am on Ropinirole XL prolonged release 4mg tablets, have been on them since last August and I have not had any bad reaction at all to this medicine. I was prescribed anti sickness pills to take with the Ropinirole, but didn't have to take any. Have a word with the GP or parkinson nurse see if they can suggest anything.

Hope you get sorted with something soon!


Regards Sheffy

Thanks sheffy I seem to be ok things have really settled down but i dont take all meds at once now i split them up over a couple of hours that seems to have done the trick thanks for your help......Paul