Ralnea XL

My dad is recently diagnosed and has been on 1mg Azilect for 1 month. He also started on 2mg of Ralnea XL 10 days ago with no real effect. What kind of dosage are other people taking? Obv we need to talk to consultant/PD nurse asap but what 'advice' would anyone give? Is 2mg enough and is 10 days long enough for it to have kicked in?
Ralnea is a brand of ropinerole.
Ropinerole needs very slow careful titration. Titration means introducing the drug in stages.
2mg per day will have practically no effect on most people.
a working amount is generally between 12mg and a max of 24mg per day, though some people get by with a lot less.
watch out for gambling etc at higher doses. there may be a sudden outburst of creativity - harmless if not taken too far. also be prepared for bad jokes, puns etc.
you would normally have been given a starter pack with a plan of titrated increases over the next few months. if not there must be some reason for staying on a low dose.
Thanks so much for that. We were all kind of hoping this would be the 'wonder drug' that would make him feel better and had got a little disheartened so that's a bit more encouraging! I have phoned a PD nurse (but its a bank hol weekend!) and will hopefully speak to her on tues for some input. Our only real contact so far has been our GP, who has never come across Ralnea before and has to order it in specially. Thanks again for your reply. Hopefully a higher dose will help - will watch out for side effects but terrible jokes and puns are normal for my Dad so thats not a problem!!