Rapid eye movement

my name is darrell I am 63 I have had Parkinson since march 2021
last year I started to get rapid eye movement
when I sleep which is not very long at night I get bad dreams
and when I dream I start kicking and punching and shouting I have been told that this
happens with PD does anybody else get this

Hello Darrell … I too have nightmares. They are incredibly real & the colours in my dream very bright. It is probably the medication I take rather than Parkinson’s.

I have a very heavy duvet that is difficult to move when I’m awake … But after a bad night’s sleep I often find it half off the bed.

I live alone so no idea if I kick, punch or shout or have rapid eye movement.

I take Sinemet & other medication.

Best wishes

Hi Darrell

I have been diagnosed 2year with PD I am at stage 4 now but going down hill fast.
I too have problems with my left eye for a number of months now. I have what is called floaters that is what appears to be an object in my eye which is like a smudge on my glasses. When I clean my glasses the floater is still there I’ve been for an eye test but nothing was found, been to see the Doctor again no joy. I also have the most vivid dreams very lifelike most strange. I am told by the wife I shout call out and wave my arms about. I sleep quite well most nights. All in all you will find another symptom every week some manageable some well it’s back to take another tablet and see we’re it goes.
Hope you get sorted never stop trying.

Keep your head up


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Dear all again and again i read about REM Rapid Eye Movement now mine is quite a long story but I hope it helps. Just before I found out that i had PD, it was middle of the night and my hubby jumped out of bed and ran straight into the bedroom wall. (it was just like a Tom and Jerry cartoon) he ended up on the floor with a smashed face, I called 999 not knowing what to do, they were very good and wanted to take him to hospital. but he would not go (if he had it might not have been so long finding out about REM) any way other nights he fell out out bed telling me that our son had fallen into the into the river and he had to pull him out, he has kicked me out of bed / had his hands round my neck/ripped off my night gown also shouting and swearing at the top of his voice, We went to see our GP who told us it would wear off, changed to another GP who told us to sleep in separate bed rooms.and more, Then on one of my appointments to the PD clinic in the room was Jill Barker who was a professor and even though the appointment was for me as soon as we told her about my husband swearing and shouting Professor Jill straight away its REM (which had never been mentioned by GP) she said and gave him a px for medication it took 7 years before we found out about REM it is hard for GPs as not many seem to be aware of it. The thing is though it is me that has PD and my hubby as REM. Thankfully that the Professor was sitting in with my PD doctor as if we had not said any thing we would still non the wiser.

I act out many times nearly every night. I take a sleeping pill and 30MG Melatonin and doesn’t seem effective. I stopped Clonazepam because it was not helping anymore. I act out punches and kicks. I shake. I talk a lot. And I shout really loud more and more. Does anyone know if there is some sort of voice dampener for sleeping. You know to muffle the shouts. Would be good for hotels. Voice dampener similar to what singers might use for practice. Maybe something that straps on and covers/muffles the mouth but does not cover the noise and of course allow you to breath ok.