Rapid speech

I have severe festination.  It's a well known symptom of PD but I only know one other who has it.  I can speak slowly for a few words but I cannot explain anything that takes more than one sentence without becoming unintelligible.  Dos anyone have any tricks to get round this?

Hi kievian,  I have a problem with my speech but I don't think it's as bad as yours.  However, recently, I have started to stammer my words, talk too fast, my tongue feels too big for my mouth and seems to do its own thing! It is really bad when I use the phone, so I started to write down exactly what I wanted to say leaving gaps between the words, and make sure my mouth wasn't dry.  That way I don't get so mixed up with my words and the gaps  remind me to speak slowly.  When talking face to face I try to take it slowly and if I feel I'm getting mixed up I stop for a wee while to calm down then start again.  Funny thing is, like in the film the Kings Speech, I never ever have any trouble when I sing.  Others tell me to shut up when I launch into song but I think they are only jealous of my wonderful(?) voice!

Hi Kievian,

I slur quite a bit, but that varies with tiredness or feeling run down. My biggest bugbear is my stammer. Sometimes it's just like an everyday stammer and other times I seem to totally freeze mid-sentence. It's as if the word I want can't be found in my memory bank.

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Hi Guys

I'm sorry you are having trouble with your speech. Have you asked to be referred to a Speech Therapist? You can be seen either on the NHS or privately (search on helpwithtalking.com). The earlier the better, and you can self refer.

Speech therapists are also the experts in swallowing problems you may have.

One strategy that may help with the speech and stammering is a pacing board. Make up a sheet of paper with a box for each letter of the alphabet laid out in a grid.

When you talk tap the starting letter of each work you want to say. It should slow you down.

The main (and only NICE recommended) therapy is LSVT which is a 4 week intensive course. Some NHS therapists are trained to deliver it.

I have information on it on my website www.southbristolvoicetherapy.co.uk

I'd be happy to help anyone find a suitable local therapist


Thanks, I took the LSVT course at Amersham and try and  practise every day but it's hard to find time for it.

It's my most disabling symptom - socially anyway.

coolGood Morrow Sir

                   I fully understand tour problem Kievian i think the normal links between thr word manufacturing complex which shovels the needed vocabulary down a shute to the mouth unfortunately the link between the brain mouth ear is broken probably by our mutual enemy BLACKHEART PD . sounds like a dubious private eye ??  the evil Baarsteward has destroyed so many aspects of my life and for  about  one  year my speech  has worsened  it depends  what the situation is when I attempt to  engage  my  brain and my gob, for example my relationship with my wife is under severe pressure , this is entirely BLACKHEARTS  doing  K ,,my dearest wife is having to do more and more for me, dressing and on a ever increasing frequency I  have to be  fed, you know , like a baby and I know she despises , well if not me it will be  parky then ,its so demeaning and  i g   et upset and if  L is  in despise mode I pick up on this and the 2ww  x  10  fires up now I have always been more than capable   of  holding my own In a verbal assault but now well my brain has opened the heavy duty VERBALS DEPT  and tgr rdsw aaarrh aull noxeg ip its  shuuuvling wards doon th  delivery shooot at a rapid rate of  nottts and meye  gob caback as I may  be timing outaaant  process thim I will post this and  grt baak 2  Ucool

coolSO K I go into massive verbalisingmissarticulation, it is often referred to as verbal   diarreticincapacity  or in the very worst cases verbdyssentryincapacity, this s where the word Gobshite oiginated  and in my case well its  HYPERSONICVERBALDYSSENTYALINCAPACITATION,  yrs my friend I BECOME WORDSTOPPED this is a comparitivly serious situation and renders me incapable of  word manufacture all I can do is sink a couple of genrous single malts and  await the inevitable  normality return, oh  you asked if anything  can  help well I play AC DC  THE WHO THE KINKS IRON MAIDEN COLDPLAY  and many more and after 10 or 67 minutes all is well, it works my friend try it

                    Kind Regards

                                           OTAN   heavy

I find it it is by far the most isolating symptom of PD.  But when you're out and about you time that for when your meds give you most mobility.

The looks I get when a pile of gibberish blasts out of my mouth before drying up mid sentence are extremely disheartening.  I know what I want to say but the mouth can't keep up.

The LSVT works with prepared text but in real time speech has resulted my jibberish being audible to a wider and not so receptive audience.  

I have the typical PD quiet voice but is that actually an autonomous defence mechanism to avoid being heard talking rubbish?

So I can shout but not converse.  Read a speech but not ad-lib..  Add in an expressionless face and even I'd not want to have a chat with me.

Isolation complete, phone on mute, I go home to text and post online slowly but legibly.



Worth a try.  It is the same principle used by machines costing thousands of pounds used by speech therapist related to the feedback loop to our hearing we all use when speaking.



I've just downloaded an Android app called delayed auditory feedback.  Plugged in an in ear earbud with microphone and put the phone in my pocket.

It seems to do the trick by letting you hear what you have said so you adjust automatically both the speed and volume.  It does lead you into speaking in shorter bursts which also helps.

I think this needs to he considered by every PWP who has speech issues

Thank you


Thanks - I've heard this before.  I must get a more up-to-date phone and try it!