Rasagaline ~ How long before it works?

Title says it all, essentially. Have just started on my first meds. Rasagaline, 1mg daily. Its been a week now, and no side effects. Only difference seems to be I shake more, but that could just as well be a bad patch. So, anyone know how long it takes for Rasagaline to work?


Did you ever get an answer to this post. I am newly diagnosed and started on the same drug 5 days ago. Was wondering if it worked for you ?

I've been taking Rasagaline for about five years actually since diagnosis.  It has little/no effect, but I hope it has slowed the progression of the condition.  Five years on (age 60 in October), I am still working full time in an active job.  I believe I am 'slow burn', but not happy to give up Rasagaline, 'just in case'.

I take sinemet about 3 times a day in order to help with rigidity.  

Thanks Beacon, I was kind of hoping that it would ease my symptoms but looking likely I may need something else to do that

My understanding of rasagiline is that its effects are long lasting, perhaps a week or so, but it has little impact at any one time. I  would expect that someone starting on rasagiline would notice a difference, if one were to occur, within a week.

Levodopa is the opposite. Its half-life is about 90 minutes.

Roughly speaking, 1mg of rasagiline has the same total effect as 100mg of levodopa. But because this is spread out over the whole day as opposed to a few hours, it may be that you don't notice it. Or it may be that you are so under-medicated that rasagiline is not powerful enough, in it-self, to take you across the therapeutic threshold from "off" to "on".

(Google for levodopa equivalent dose.)

As I understand it, rasagiline has not been proven to slow the progression of PD.


Thanks for all the feedback guys, it does beg the question though, if it does not relieve symptoms or even slow the progression "what's the point". Surely it must have some use??

If indeed it did not relieve the symptoms or slow the progression, it would have no point. But, I think it can have a role to play in these circumstances:

- where you don't perceive the difference in your symptoms;

- it works with other drugs to take you across the therapeutic threshold, and keep you there in a more stable way.

For instance, my drug regimen is (12 years post diagnosis):

5x75mg Stalevo, levodopa equivalent dose = 500mg

8mg ropinirole CR, LED=160mg

1mg rasagiline, LED=100mg

Daily total LED = 760mg

The Stalevo is relatively fast acting, but the other two provide more stable foundations.


Thanks John, makes a bit more sense. I guess I have a way to go before I get this thing under control. Also still on a steep learning curve in the Parkinson's bubble.

Thanks John, 

I think you are correct that I am under-medicated, but as I can function well at the moment it seems to work ok.    I start to yawn excessively if I take more than one sinemet and get a very dry mouth.

Could I be symptom free on a larger dose?


Well I did a little research. Am a bit cross because I now discover, after three years, that I should not really be taking Rasagiline as its contra-indicated with Oxycontin, which I take a lot of daily! Don’t Doctors check these things out before writing their prescriptions? I’ve dropped the Rasagiline since ten days ago, and actually I feel a hell of a lot brighter in myself. So I’ve taken a third off my Stanek load too. Beginning to wonder if I wouldn’t feel a lot better drug free. Can’t believe I’ve allowed my Doctors to load me up wit so much chemistry. I’ve dropped Pregabalin (Careful with that, children; more addictive than Opium ~ literally. I know!), most of my heart meds, and am hoping to get my GP on board with a plan to discontinue all Oxycontin and pretty much every other drug I’m on. Stanek included. I just do NOT trust the pharmaceutical industry any more.