Rasagiline and selegiline

I belive these two drugs are used for tackling tremors in early pd, but does anyone have any experience of these drugs, good or bad...? At present i use no meds!
Hi. I've been on Rasagilene (Azilect) for 2 months now. It hasn't helped any of my symptoms but I'm sticking with it as I tolerate it easily and it may be neuroprotective. I've just added in a DA to Requip.
they are both mao-b inhibitors. mao-b tidies up excess dopamine so closing it down increase they availabilty of dopamine. i don't believe they are especially good for tremors more than for other symptoms.
they have a lot of contrindications with other drugs especially cold remedies.
overdosing can cause seriuos consequencies.
i prefer selegline as it has other beneficial effects, at least for me. both have been claimed to be neuroprotective.
they will only work while you have a lot of naturl dopamine left, after that they need levadopa to work.
they have a few side effects such as edema.
Hi Magico,

I take Azilect (Rasagiline) and it has really helped me. I was just taking Requip but can only tolerate a very low dose. Because of this , my Neuro added the Azilect and it definitely helped my symptoms (including the tremor). I have been taking it for about 9 months now with no ill effects.

Hello -- I'm another pwp taking Azilect (rasagiline). Although I take a low daily dose (0.5 mg.), I have been taking it 6 to 7 years now. Two things Turnip mentioned apply in my case: occasional swollen ankles (in warm weather) and having to give up all antihistamines. But I think the drug must be effective in delaying PD, because I've had it nearly 16 years and am still in an early stage. In fact, last week I participated in a research project, wearing motion sensors for 7 days. Then I was given a battery of physical tests for movement and balance. On all but 2 or 3 I scored as a normal (without PD) person.
Hi Magico:
My experience with Rasagiline (Azilect)is; started Azilect 5 months ago - since then my hair has thinned out about 50% - have constant pressure on the eyes and slightly blurred vision - reduced the pressure by cutting dosage to 3/4 tablet then 1/2 - cost in USD $550 for 30 tablets - mfg. are all heart - can get a $15 dollar discount coupon at their web site - advise you to get a pill cutter for tweakin dosage - helped my tremor about 70% was dx about 2 years ago, age 77 - am going to try Selegiline soon. Hope this helps - best wishes - worried well.
Hi Majico

I started selegiline 18 months after dx. First 6 months 5mg daily then uped it in March to 10mg. I started it because I was getting slower and stiffer cant say it has improved very much but it has not got much worse either. Just the usual story worse when tired,stressed or cold. So far on no other medication.
Take care
Sorry about the wrong spelling magico. (senior moment)
- do not cut slow release pills! you will be in the poo-poo.
- generally speaking if a pill is meant to be cut it will have a cross cut into it to aid splitting

Been on azilect for 6 months no effect on physical symptoms but....

Massive improvement in mood and levelled out feeling fed up.

Now just started on requip too early to tell so far on that
:grin: Thanks everyonefor all the feedback here. The Azilect sounds interesting... I am presently using Mucuna pruriens to boost my dopamine levels - so far so good. My mood has improved. I am exercising a great deal to help complement this. Really appreciate all your insights...