Rasagiline newbie

Hi folks,

I was diagnosed with PD last December and was prescribed ropinerole by my neurologist but was put off from taking it by horrendous tales with regards to the side effects, I went to see my neurologist yesterday and she has now put me on rasagiline which she says has far less side effects, I am on 1mg per day. I thought I would ask here for other peoples experiences of this medication.


I cant comment on this particular medication, but there are lots of options and it may take sometime to find what really suits you.

Just keep positive and keep your chin up.  There will be a combination that suits you, but it may not be the first option.  Dont lose the faith - keep fighting and remain positive.

I was diagnosed over 10 years ago when i was 43 and I am still working full time, living a full life and managing a family home. I get tired and frustrated with the symptoms, but they are manageable. 

If Rasagiline doesnt work something else will.

Wishing you all the best




How did Rasagiline work out for you ?   are you still on it ?


I found azilect ( rasagiline ) very effective with my sinemet and entacphone there is some talk that azilect rebuilds dopamine

Thanks Gus


My husband just started them, feels very dizzy, BP went up.

he only on one a day 1mg

just waiting to hear if we should stop them.

sue carer

My Neuro prescribed it as a chance neuro protective.   some trials on 1mg showed positive response by not on 2mg so not conclusive.  I think if you can tolerate it is worth taking. 

I take 5 mg with sastravi but I'm not sure really when to take it.l mean what sort of time?

Hi there,


I was told by my neurologist to take my 1mg rasagaline first thing in the morning along with my sinimet plus and entacapone.

dont know if this helps you. Take care x

Hi, Just reading this thread as on 8mg Ropinerol XL. Got a neurologist appmt in a couple of weeks to tweak meds. There was talk of levadopa. Any thoughts from anyone? I feel fine on Ropinerol but nervous about increasing. I've not had many side effects but don't want to up meds too soon if can help it.



Hi DivineR


I take 18mg Ropinirole XL slow release per day, saw Neuro in February, she did'nt want to increase Ropinirole any more, so she prescribed Sinemet (a mixture of Carbidopa & Levodopa) 62.5mg three times a day. I've had parkinsons 7 years, just took Ropinirole until prescribed Sinimet  last February, as with you I was lucky not to have had any side effects. I take both along side each other now and manage ok but still have off days as do we all.

Hope this helps - Sheila

I appreciate that Sheila. I remember when started meds in Oct/Nov reading that you're on Ropinerol. That gave me some relief after the horror stories. I'll research a bit more before meeting and have my questions ready. I'm not normally one to ask neurologist questions but will have to start being assertive as I go down this long road. Thanks again.


Your very welcome, that is the forums for to help each other and ask the questions we need to know, even though we are not all the same with the outcome of each medication we take, but it helps does'nt it, it gives you food for thought when visiting the Neuro?

Hope the visit goes well for you - Sheila