Rasagiline side effects

I was diagnosed in December 2019. As a result of COVID restrictions I finally had my first nurse consultation just before Christmas. My symptoms are quite mild but I get a tremor in my left arm and leg while resting in the evenings. This is getting worse so the nurse prescribed Rasagiline 1mg which sounded good to me. I picked up the prescription yesterday and read the leaflet this morning. The list of side effects is horrific, much worse than the PD symptoms and the chances of experiencing them as high as 1 in 10. Does anyone have any thoughts on how useful this drug is and real experience of side effects?


I was on Rasagiline only for the first two years after I was diagnosed and didn’t have any side-effects. I’ve now added Sinemet and also don’t get side effects from that. I think some of the listed ones, such as nausea, can be just temporary when you first start on a new medication.

I had Rasagaline added on top of Madopar (because often the Madopar wore off after an hour). I too was really concerned by the side effect warning, but I haven’t had any side effects at all. Only a vast improvement in my symptoms. I almost decided not to take it because the potential side effects were so worrying. I’m glad I gave it a go.

Thank you Lemon and Singing Gardener. That’s really helpful in making a decision.

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I’ve been in Rasagline for over 5 years. No side effects now have added Amantadine and Entacapone with 9 Madopar. I’m lucky I guess it works well most of the time. I’m 11 years dx and apart from sleep issue s (it’s now 5 am). I lead a fairly normal life within covid restrictions. Be positive and look forwards to the future. New drugs are in the pipeline Extenatide being positive and inlb135 not cures but positive action drugs. Try everything offered. Find what works for you.

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It made me unbearable to live with and turned me into a nervous wreck. For I’d jump out of my skin if someone just happened to walk into the room I’m in.