I’m taking rasagiline 1mg as adjunct to Sinemet plus for wearing off symptoms. Is anyone taking it told to avoid food containing high tyramine as it could cause hypertensive crisis?

Hi @leicor

When I first started taking rasagiline the leaflet said to avoid aged cheese (which is one of the things that contains tyramine) but when I checked with my gp he said this advice has been withdrawn and the leaflets I get now don’t say this.

Recent studies seem to show that rasagiline doesn’t have this interaction.


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Thanks Clare. I checked online and it seems the diet restriction hasn’t been lifted. My local pharmacist also confirmed it. Wish the websites are updated because it makes eating out very difficult and food preparation inconvenient.

Interesting as my googling suggests that the restriction was lifted in 2009. Rasagiline is ok but othe MAOI inhibitors do have this problem. I tried to post a link to a page on this but can’t get it to work on my tablet. Sorry!