Hi I’m hoping for a bit of advice, I have been taking Madopar 4 times a day for last few months and recently visited neurologist who has added Rasagiline once per day. On reading the drug interaction leaflet it appears taking Amatriptyline alongside Rasagiline is not a great idea due to seratonin shock. I only received the Rasagiline today and on reading the leaflet I’ve decided to seek further direction. Obviously it’s difficult to speak with a doctor so will try the pharmacy tomorrow but would appreciate any advice from any of you guys on here…. Thanks in anticipation…


Hi Lemon,

I see from a post back in Jan that you are on Madopar and rasagiline.
I have just picked up my rasagiline but I am nervous to take it, mostly worried about hallucinations! Are you still well on both? Were you able to reduce the Madopar after introducing rasagiline? Did you start on 1mg?
Thank you

My husband has been on sinemet 25/100 3 times a day since June and no change for him in fact tremor alot worse - he is 54 . MDS added rasagaline 1mg once a day. When should he start seeing improvements? He’s been on them 2 days so far.

Hi Steph

It didn’t work for me after all. I just got worse and worse and then the side effects on top.

I’m currently on no medication and much improved.

Not even your madopar anymore? I just started it 2 weeks ago and it makes me v sick and not sure its doing anything but the doctor says I need to give it a few weeks.

No. Nothing. I feel so much better now.

Mine is ‘parkinsonism’ (with a +ve DaTscan) and appears to be caused by another (treatable) condition. Since treatment I’ve lost my Postural Instability and stiffness, but I still have a tremor. I’m learning to control it with calm thoughts. I’m hopeful there’s a chance of partial recovery.

I tried Madopar for 9 months and the side effects created confusion because I was acutely ill with something else.

What is the other treatable condition you found?

Try inderal, it helps my tremor alot

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CSF pressure syndromes.

E.g. 62% of people with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Patient’s parkinsonism improved after treatment -

Some times people react two these two drugs but i was put on both about 8yrs ago at Southmead hospital by a professor and they we’re a game changer Azilect ie rasagiline if was a bit of along shot as i was on Sinemet & entacapone But the Azilect changed my day also got dbs .They reckon Azilect can hold back parkinsons. Rasagiline is a generic the real tablets are Azilect they dried the generic on me i think it mattered to me they say they are both the same but thats not true they dispersed into the brain. See if you can get Azilect teva brand hope it works for you.