Hi my parkinsons Nurse wants me to try rasagiline for my tremor is this a good drug or not can u enlighten me please

Hello Calv, it was the first medicine I got after the diagnosis. I didn’t notice any benefits, but also any of side effects. I’m still taking it. My neuro said that research shows that rasagiline may be able to slow down the progression of the disease. He said “No reason for fear, compared to other drugs Rasagiline is chamomile.” :woozy_face:

Can u eat banana or dairy products when taking rasagiline

Yes, I’ve never heard or read that you shouldn’t eat bananas or any other food with Rasagiline…

Hi,you should avoid tyramine rich
Foods if you are taking rasagiline.
Too many to list but a common theme is fermentation. This includes some real ales???.
Do not know why this is I just looked it up when I was prescribed.
As ever there was a long list of dos and dont’ plus the complete list of side effects.
However the tyramine foods seem to be a no go area.
Hope this helps.

I take Selegiline which is in the same family of drugs MAO-B, you can have protein with this medicine as it dosen’t change the efficacy,

Hi jAujla when is the best time to take Rasagiline daytime or night time

Apologies for late reply, i am not a medical professional, I take my tablets at set time (morning), I am currently having Selegiline and no other PD meds.

I have noticed rasagiline makes me fall asleep does this symptom disappear in time or stay if so i will not take them