Rasigiline and diet

Hi I have recently been prescribed Rasigiline which is really helping the on/off challenges. However I’m a bit confused about the dietary restrictions in terms of high tyramine levels in foods such as cheeses and processed meats. Some things I’ve read say don’t touch any cheeses, pickles, fermented foods, preserved foods, yeast extract etc etc while others say recent research has shown no significant tyramine affect.
Those of you taking Rasigiline - what’s your experience? Thanks in anticipation …

Hi Sallyd,
I’m just entering The second week of being prescribed Rasagiline and I seem to have a lot more get up and go. I eat vey little cheese as I seem to have a dairy food problem anyway> I must confess to not reading The bumph verbatim and have mostly carried on as before. Naughty I know but these thing can frighten the life out of you.

Hi Sallyd,
I agree with nikobins,
Remember these manufacturers cover their butts with anything they can think of. Even if a meteor hits you.
As you know everyone is different, so just try and see what works for you.
I have been on it for a month now, I held out as long as I could, and still carry on with my normal food habits.

Ive never had a problem with food interactions — ive have taken it for 11 years - i was was told not to have tumeric near med times - i dont know if this is correct info but ive stuck to it & i eat heaps of tumeric from lunchtime.