Hello all, it has been suggested that my husband could take Rivastigmine as he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s dementia. He has had assessments by the memory clinic and their findings were he has a form of dementia linked to PD. It’s not too bad at the moment just the odd confusion and small things I’d began to notice him saying that don’t quite ‘sound right’. I realised he had a problem a while back and we spoke to our neurologlist, hence the referral to the memory clinic. They have said that as he’s not long had a change in his PD meds, to delay starting this drug for the time being. We will have another appointment with the clinic in two months to see how he’s doing then he can begin to take the Rivastigmine. Then it’s a case of seeing if it benefits him. If he has any adverse side effects then he will simply be taken off it. Hoping to hear from anyone who’s had experience of this drug for PD dementia. My husband was diagnosed 8 years ago, aged 65. Many thanks, Jean.

Hello Jean1. I take rivastigmine. I use the 9.5mg patches, 2 years now. So far as I can tell, the only effect is that I have terrible irritation reactions to the patches. I don’t know anyone else who takes it so I am as interested as you to hear from others.

Hello NeilT, and thanks for your reply. Patches weren’t mentioned by the memory clinic nurse. I was under the impression the med would be in tablet form. As I mentioned, he hasn’t started to take it as yet as he’s not long had a change in his PD meds. Have you found they have helped with memory and other cognitive issues that they were prescribed for? Sometimes the side effects from medication outweighs the benefit seen from the drug so I’d like to learn more about this before he starts taking it. However, I trust the memory clinic’s assessment and the assertion that the drug can help slow down the symptoms of PD dementia. It’s a tricky one, as he’s not too bad at the moment, but I’d hate to deprive him of a drug that could help him with this distressing symptom of Parkinson’s, and even slow it down. I hope others will see our posts and jump on board now and share their experience of the drug. Best wishes, Jean

Hi Jean1, it’s only based on subjective observation but yes, rivastigmine helps. And I would also recommend starting sooner rather than later. N

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Hi NeilT, thanks for that. I’m going to get in touch with PD nurse so the med can be prescribed. As you say if it helps, then better to start on it now. I suppose my main concern was if it would have any adverse effects on his PD meds, (Sinemet and just recently Safinamide) he also takes Clonazapem to help with the nights which has been a godsend so I’m naturally wary of adding anything which may disrupt his sleep! Have you found the Rivastigmine causes any night time issues? Thanks again, Jean

Hello all, just another call out to anyone who is taking Rivastigmine. I’m going to get our GP to get him his prescription as authorised by the memory clinic nurse who assessed him and said he may find it helps with PD dementia. Thank you NeilT for your input. Any other advice from maybe carers who have noticed improvements in their partner’s cognivity would be greatly appreciated. I’m concerned about my husband’s increasing lack of conversation and general cognitive issues along with apathy which appears to be the case most days. I hope some good will come from yet another drug addition to his daily cocktail of meds. I’m quite concerned about yet more side effects but I suppose there’s only one way to find out… Jean

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Hi Jean, sorry I’ve been quiet this last month. I’ve not noticed any problems with rivastigmine, except the patches trigger my dermatitis. I’m taking capsules now which gets round that. Do they help? My wife thinks so and that is objective as it gets. I hope it helps your husband

Thanks Neil, we are seeing the memory clinic nurse next month for a review then he’ll possibly start on Rivastigmine. I really hope it will benefit him… Glad to hear that it appears to be helping you. Long may that continue! Best wishes Jean

Husband got put on Rivastigmine 8 months ago for Parkinsons dementia. It made him calmer and more reasonable, but has done nothing for his memory, it can only try to preserve memory, it doesn’t bring it back. Other elements of dementia, eg communication, sequencing, multitasking, new learning, may still decline. Rivastigmine can safely be taken with Madopar (cobeneldopa ). I checked with the Psychiatrist, the pharmacist and on reputable medical siyes on the internet

I’ve e been told Rivastigmine patches are usually prescribed when taking regular capsules or tablets might be a problem (swallowing difficulties, unable to manipulate the tiny tablets or capsules, unable to remember to take them reliably even when prompted).