I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has Raynaud's (either primary or secondary) as well as Parkinson's.

I have had primary Raynaud's since age 10. When I first started getting Parkinson's symptoms (about 4 years before Parkinson's diagnosis last year), my Raynaud's episodes increased in number and severity. Has anyone else found this to be true?
I haven't been diagnosed with Raynaud's, but I show some symptoms when my hands get cold. My father had something similar, and so does my sister. Now that you mention it, it seems to get triggered more easily these days.
Hi Jeanine. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's last August and has suffered with Raynauds for years. He has retired now and the symptoms have eased, but of course the weather has been warmer. He has been told that there is no link but I am not so sure.
When it is cold he has a lot of pain in his fingers and gets very distressed by it.flo

I suffered quite badly this winter with my fingers going white and numb which I never had before. I also felt the cold a lot more than I used to. I invested in silk gloves, silk long sleeved vests and long johns, (oh, the smooth luxury of pure silk!)and a good winter coat. When it got really cold I got out my sub artic gear which I bought when we went North of the Artic Circle one Easter. Very effective at keeping out the cold.

I am enjoying the warmer weather. It is nice not to have so many layers of clothes to deal with.

Hi Jeanine
I don't know the difference between primary and secondary, but have noticed Reynaud's since diagnosed with Parkinson's two years ago. It usually affects the same finger and comes on when it's cold. I've always felt the cold, but now find it affects me worse than before. My best xmas present was a down jacket, it's bliss. I also can't bear getting too hot either. Does anyone else experience light headedness and nauseau when they get too hot? Would be interested to know.