Reaction to medication

We are in our 70's - and have a daughter who is in her late 40's - she is the one with Parkinson's. We live approx 20 miles apart.

We feel so helpless at not being able to do much more than frequent (daily) telephone support and the occasional visit. Her biggest problem is freezing up. There is no doubt that the medications (various) have differing results. At this time - her pharmacist is trying to explore which options offer the best result. She is 'up and down' like a yoyo.

It would seem that the most beneficial medication is the most expensive one, therefore it would seem that a great deal of time is spent trying to save costs rather than accept the clear evidence that item 'A' is of the greater benefit.

Have other experienced this wide variation of results from generic alternatives? Also may I ask if sufferers have been treated is this 'experimental way' by their doctors/pharmacists?

Your input would be appreciated


I suggest phone pd help line 

It should not be your pharmacist exploring medication options. They can't prescribe or alter what is prescribed by a GP or neurologist, they can inform you of what the options are due to their expertise,but, like many GP's I doubt they see enough patients  with Parkinson's to be experts on the matter.

They can offer advice but it is the neurologist, if you have one, that is the expert on Parkisons.

As for generic  alternatives, refuse them if the original has worked well. We did.