Reaction to stress/adrenaline

There are some aspects of my job which are particularly difficult with respect to the PD (at least, I think it is on account of the PD). At sporadic intervals, I am responsible for running events. It is the nature of running an event that you worry beforehand, trying to anticipate all difficulties, and on the day you run around "putting out fires" - responding to problems, reigning in panic reactions, making a very deliberate effort to stay calm, smile, play the clown when necessary and think fast in the time that buys. It's exciting, my mouth goes dry, and when it goes well, it is very rewarding. But.

Even when it is a good day, the next day the body presents the bill. My face feels frozen, I can barely walk, I can't think, reactions are dead slow.

Can anyone explain what is happening physiologically? Got any tips for surviving these days (beyond quit the job - which I am trying to achieve without wrecking the programmes I have set up)?
How important is your job? I see dopamine as what's in my fuel tank. Yoga is like premium fuel then Exercise, meditation and friend time extend the tank, stressful days suck it up. Late nights nuke it. I try to ration it as much as I can. On those stessful days plan. When you have limited resources you do make the most of it. Sometimes I think we have the advantage in that we are forced to be efficient.

Anyway... that's how I get through. Not too much paralysis through analysis.