Reading and watching tv

im 51 i've had pd for six or seven years and i think the parkinsons getting the better of me,
i fall asleep in front of the tv and nod off reading a book.
feeling lethargic i dont want to socialise with my friends or
do i need a higher dose of medication or reduced?
does anyone feel the same as i do?

Hi Norrie,

My OH has been diagnosed for just over 15 years and falls asleep during the day, when watching TV and many times during the day, even when supposedly reading the newspaper.

I allow them so much time sleeping but do then wake them up because it affects their night time sleep and mine!!!! Cruel, yes, sensible, probably, for both our sanity.

My Dad does that but I don't. He's on medication and I'm not (although I was diagnosed a couple of years before him) which leads me to wonder if its a side effect of meds rather than PD? Or age might be a factor too.....

I wonder about the medication also .!!

I often nod off during the day, much to my wife's annoyance. I think this is because I sometimes have difficulty sleeping at night although I can't rule out the possibility that it is a side effect of the medication. It helps if you can keep mentally active during the day, get plenty of fresh air and avoid heavy meals

Hello everyone, I want to agree with Christo. My OH nods off all the time unless there is lots of mental stimulation eg, visitors, a wildlife programme on tv, an outing. But I do find that in the next day or so he will need to go to bed in the afternoon for a couple of hours sleep to catch up so it`s quite a balancing act for us. I use the afternoon sleep times to catch up on chores or gardening knowing I will have a couple of hours uninterrupted.
Love to all

I’d finger the drugs, too, on the grounds that I don’t recall falling asleep so much, so heavily, so inevitably before I started taking them. If it wasn’t that everything is interlinked - if it’s the drugs send me off in anything but the tensest Swedish noir, what’s keeping me awake at night: the PD? And is that why I fall asleep in the evening, or is it because I sleep in the evening that I wake easily during the night?

I think I’m not so worried by my nodding off in front of the telly (though the intensity of it is extraordinary). But, norrie, feeling lethargic and not wanting to socialise is probably more pertinent. There’s a lot on the web about PD and lethargy, and search this forum for both lethargy and fatigue - classic PD symptoms. Have you a Neuro or PD nurse appointment anytime soon?

All the best


And I should have mentioned PD UK's own leaflet on the subject:

Semele (off to fall asleep in front of some telly)


My OH has no problem sleeping at night, it's they who disturb MY sleep and as I have to do all things all day every day, it's pretty blooming annoying!!!:rolling_eyes: