Reading for a PD newly diagnosed with clinical depression

My Dad has just been admitted to hospital with clinical depression - having never had any mental health challenges. He was diagnosed with PD in Nov 16. Physically he has been pretty stable.

Does anyone have a recommendation of reading that helps? He has read with interest the articles I have shared, so I think the right material could help.

Any positive stories of responsive patients - right now I have only seen some forum entries about the worst case.
Thank you
(Polly Positive feeling less positive right now)


There are 2 main types of depression

Reactive response to a traumatic emotional event, illness, bereavement etc.

Clinical depression chemical imbalance in the brain.

PD can cause both I suffer from depression and have bouts of dark cloud days so can empathise.

Exercise is helping me all those feel good chemicals being released is a great feeling , plus the added bonus of improvement in stiffness etc.

Be guided by mental health professionals for the start of his mental health improvement.

I take anti depressants they also help with anxiety. Like your dad BP (before Parkinsons) never had an issue with mental health . I have had counselling and now take medication feel much better and consider myself to be a positive kind of gal…
It may not be a good idea to bombard your dad with stories of how well people cope with pd as he may like some form of escapism and have a break from confronting PD at this juncture?

There are positive threads on here where folks have a laugh swop tips etc, but all in good time.

Your dad like me has Parkinsons, some have painful shoulders, cramps, walk with difficulty, we have depression.
It is a sympton that requires treatment like the physical stuff.
I am 10yrs in with PD and depression is the main sympton that knocks me usually when I decide I can do without my meds.:confused:

Try not to worry , give your dad time to rest and the doctors time to get a medication plan organised. It will be ok.

There is a life, a good life to be lived with PD.

I call myself TeeHee as I know what its like to feel that life has become too much of a chore. With medication he like I, will find humour, fun motivation to enjoy life, creeping back.

Depression is a sympton that can and will be addressed.

Battle on, much love to the both of you xx



Dose I used is in here:

Few clinicians will be aware as this is rather new science.