Real life stories

I've just watched Dave and Beckys video on real life stories.Both referred to having had a broken arm and they thought their symptoms was somehow related to this.I had a fracture to my wrist when I was 40.When I first started having problems with my right arm,I also put it down to the fracture.Anyone had the same?
How strange my children kept saying to me, Mum its probably a trapped nerve making your arm shake. I broke my right arm above the wrist about 7 years ago.
Me, I just hoped they were right. Then it got worse:frowning:
I broke the wrist on the other arm the following year. :flushed:
All these years and five children and never a broken bone. I blame my dog.:grin:
Washing line pole fell onto my left shoulder many years ago I put later tremor down to this - so did everyone else
About 30 years ago I fell head first into an empty chest freezer while cleaning it out - something snapped in my left shoulder and my arm just hung at my side for two days. (it was`nt funny at the time, but I can laugh now)
Ever since then I`ve had problems with stiff neck and shoulder on that side.
Are you right I wonder, is there a connection with my pd?
Uncanny thread!
I fell onto some concrete and broke my left elbow badly when I was eleven. Had it pinned back together.
Two years later I had a mysterious infection in the same arm and was unable to move it. I was hospitalised for 2 weeks while it was investigated, but no conclusions were reached.
I've often wondered if there could be a connection between that and my Parkinson's because (so far) my left side is my affected side.
ive many brokin bones ,but the one that does stand out the most to me about a conection with pd,is the fracture and internal bleedin i had to me skul,few years ago
I can remember the first time I saw the PD nurse,I told her the stiffness in my wrist was due to a fracture.Her reply was that a lot of patients put the stiffness down to a fall or break.Also are treated like myself for trapped nerves before PD is DX.Is this just a coincidence?Thank you for your replies,and please keep them coming.
Ive been having problems with my left elbow for about 18 months now. Been having cortozone injections. Doctor said i have Tennis elbow. Ive never played the game lol