Really strange?

My other half is currently sat totally offline as his tablets have gone into the ether AGAIN!

What is strange is when he tries to move his hand to his knee, the movement is REALLY slow - I'm sure you know what I mean but if he "reacts" ie, needs to catch something or I don't know there's something that he needs to move quickly for he can move???? Totally normal, he can move?
The same thing happens sometimes when he's walking. He could totally have crashed and be walking in the "normal" PD shuffle, gaining momentum and playing pinball through the kitchen ( I call it that when he pretty much falls into things to stop himself falling forwards when in full shuffle) If I tell him to stop and help him to stand straight, and then say now walk properly...he can do it! then he reverts back to offline.....How in Gods name is this possible? If PD is a Dopamine deficiency you don't have the where is he getting this ability to walk normally for a bit or move his otherwise motionless hand to catch a glass or something?
Does anyone else have this experience?
Thank you in advance
Beth 13 xx

P.S - Just want to say that I don't talk to my O/H that strongly... I just re read my post and it sounds like I order him about. It's just sometimes he finds that if I tell him to walk properly, he can...hope that makes sense x

Hi Beth 13 i totaly understand your o/h as i have the same reactions. As a pd sufferer for 2 1/2 years i have times when i move very slow but if my husband shouts CATCH my reaction is very quick! Its like an adrenalin rush causes the fast movement. Just another quirk of parkinsons!!
Big C

Hi Beth
I was dx 2010 aged 47 I have similar things to your o/h
I work out (sort off ) with a trainer who focuses on my left side so when my foot starts rocking or twitching he will say
tell your foot to stop it or grip more with your left hand If my daughter grabs my left hand it stops for a while but she knows Im scared of her !! 11 going 22
all the best Adrian

Hi Beth,

What your o/h does is quite normal for pwp, we were always told if there was a fire pwp's would be the first out the door its just the way pd is. A good tip is once he stands straight ready to walk is to count or say left right like a march but that will only last for a little while but is does get them going.Parkinsons UK used to have a video or dvd which showed you people walking and many other situations, I don't know if you belong to a branch if they will have one but if not perhaps National office can tell you if they still have them. With regards to the falling my husband falls around 20/30times a day but has never broken a bone he goes down on his knees and no matter how many times I try to get to walk properly he just falls again. He is now in a nursing home after 28years at home and is 68 but still plays scrabble, goes to college two days a week and has several trips out, yes he has very difficult times and we have been through hell and back but we just celebrated our 46th anniversary and are still on speaking terms, just joking.
Have you had an O/T or physio in to see him they can provide you with walkers with brakes which will keep him upright, you can get them with a carry basket or shelf which is very useful. Also he can do some exercises to help him. Some people use a walking stick so that it keeps the momentum going and is very useful when out as people will walk around rather straight at you which stop parkies straight away and cause them problems getting going again, works wonders.
best wishes

i hear you there beth, its strange how my movement is so slow when walking for example aided with a walking stick yet if i was to drop the stick by accident i wud catch it in an instant !! strange most definetly.......another is when i walk sometimes when my medication isnt working or im my body is in an "OFF" state my walking changes to a shuffle and start hitting freeze mode but yet if theres music playing on the radio and i change into a dance walk or a funny walk i walk practically normal !! dont know whats going on there guess my pd has got a mind of its own
Hugh aka welshbearuk