Reasonable Adjustments in the workplace

Hi I’d like to put the question out there to anyone with experience please… What are considered reasonable adjustments in the workplace, how long do you struggle on for before you hit the deck and unable to take it any longer? Is raising a grievance and disability discrimination worth the additional stress?
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Hi @AnaElsa

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. It’s important to know that some individuals with Parkinson’s may face challenges in the workplace. Fortunately, the law requires employers to make reasonable adjustments to help employees overcome these challenges and continue working effectively. These adjustments can vary greatly depending on the individual’s specific needs, but some common examples include modifying the work environment, adjusting work roles, providing flexibility in working hours, offering training, or even adapting equipment such as computer systems, phones, or chairs.
However, what constitutes a reasonable adjustment is highly individual and depends on the specific circumstances. It’s crucial that your working arrangements are tailored to your unique needs. If you believe you require specific adjustments, it’s a good idea to have an open and honest conversation with your employer about your needs and concerns.
If you’d like to have a chat about this in more detail, our helpline is available to you on 0808 800 0303, or you can also reach out through email at [email protected].

Don’t forget to explore our website as well, you can find a wealth of useful information about Parkinson’s that might help you navigate these challenges,
I found an article you might find interesting: Work and Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK

Lastly, we have a lovely community here with other members who know exactly what you’re going through, so I’m sure it won’t be long until you hear from some of them with their own advice.

Your well-being is paramount, and we’re here to help in any way we can. :blue_heart:

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Just joined the forum and have been grappling with ‘reasonable adjustments’ and my PD for a couple of years.

It’s a fascinating concept as it’s totally context specific as to people individually and also what’s reasonable in the context of any specific job role
What I can say is that the government ‘access to work’ assessment was really helpful, unexpectedly!!! Recommended equipment like a chair that can be put flat for me to lie down at work to reset when needed as an example. Plus speech to text software and training etc.

The DWP then pay a proportion of the costs.
I’m lucky that I work for a university so it’s a large employer who also are motivated to do/ be seen to do the right thing.
I’d be really interested to hear about your experience of PD and adjustments as there’s not very much information out there on it.

Hia Great to read you have a supportive employer. In my experience at the end of the day that what it will come down to. PM if you want to chat :slight_smile:

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Happy to chat but not sure how to using this platform!! I’m not that techie but I’ll ask my wife if she can work out how to tomorrow!!

Hi I’ve replied to private message, stay positive:)