You have been over doing it again have'nt you said the lady - worn yourself out again have'nt you - been trying to do to much - - - again have'nt you - she said . I remembred 15 yrs ago - same lady saying "a lot of these people today they dont wanna work - scared of hard work take away there dole money and make em work - thatss what i would do if i were in charge - give it to the pensioners is what i'd bloody do if i were in charge - i would soon sort the country out !!

Now i am a gardener - the ladies front garden was very unkempt - she no longer able to tend it -

Your garden looks nice madam i said - oh it used to look nice a few years ago now when i were able to do it . - used to have all veg growing up here - now you cant get a gardener for love nor money

So i said - i will do your garden for you madam -- oh she said and how much do you charge - one pound a day - thats cheap she said - no i pay you madam . You see i have parkinsons. And want to work to show the world what can be done but the lady and the world just said no

I explaned how the gardening helps my condition which used to. Be parkinsons but is now called over doing it again/worn himself out (again) - by lifting a finger .3 weeks ago

I am in a field , in a tent , in sturten by stow & i know it's very late but all is well here , the odd car drives by late into the night on the b1500 - in a short while the birds will begin - always interesting to see which is the first one "up" - i mean see with my ears

Was working today in nettleham for lady - 87 amazing lady - enjoy going but today disturbed nest - 2 babys fell out - very dense vicious spike bush - tell you later - chorus starting as follows - skylark first. Up hard to believe but true ! Then crow sets off jackdaw - blackbird

The chorus came & went - did'nt get up till gone 3 next afternoon - at home now - will take tent down if dry enough as it is old canvass one - costs 10 a night - start losing movement now so will do some "pundling" or excessive hobbyism - housework if you dont have parkinsons .

Got a letter from my 21 yr old daughter yesterday - been a grandad for 7 months now - at times i feel older , others younget than a "grandad"7

I checked on the baby blackbirds yesterday and they are all doing fine . A week a go 1 of them had a thorn right through side of its beak (i pulled it out) and nest was broken so now they are in my hat . Male blackbird has 1 crippled foot


I usually want to go out when not moving well , anyone else find this helps ? And for what reasons ?

bigger spaces mean you can get into a rhythm.

i've noticed that too, wondered if it was the extra oxygen (british houses are almost hermetically sealed and have gas central heating) or the sunlight producing vitamin d. in other words, i have no idea but it definitely helps.

We don't have sunshine in Hull - there's a bye-law against it.

I find going out cheers me up, lifts my mood. Even if it's just sitting out in the garden ~ anything that lifts your mood is a great distraction and helps cope with PD!