Receding gums

i have the dentist agin on saturday,and i have receding gums,does anyone no is this caused by pd ,or meds at all.or does it just happin ,im only 42 ,so i no it not me age.thankyou:smile:
I know Sinemet can cause brittle teeth, but I've not heard of PwP suffering from receding gums before.
People who are shall we say are normal ie not living with a disease, have gum problems and many people who do live with loads of different diseases have gum problems, so in my simple mind I believe one can't always blame the disease you are afflicted with, best check it out with your dentist.

Radz x

you can find out more information about oral health and Parkinson's in the information sheet
thankyou very much ,very helpful:smile:
Hi ali j, me too, but don't think this one is down to Parkinson's! I bought an electric toothbrush and brush them vigorously and properly twice a day - and it seems to be working! They look better (not so thin) and look tougher as well, better colour.:grin:
thats another thing to put on me list to buy then tasmin,thankyou:smile:my arm throbs after tryng to clean me teeth,i do erm every time ive eatern,but i guess it looks like we have to really think wots best to do now ,cus of our health,its surprissin the amout of money u can spend on makin ur life more manageable ant it.
I agree - it has to be an electric toothbrush - put it on your birthday list.