`Recently diagnosed and a keen triathlete

I was diagnosed in Jan 2017 the day before my 55th birthday, after a year of some mild memory loss that kicked off some scans and tests, that culminated in being confirmed as PD.  Lack of movement and rigidity on left hand side, slight dribbling but nothing that people would notice.  Left arm dangles when walking (although I can actually move it if needed).  Some slow response on left hand when doing fine motor skills.  But all in all a very early diagnosis with limited symptoms.  No tremor.

I am on 6 x 62.5 Sinemet about to move to 9, as has made only modest difference.

I am a keen triathlete, doing my 4th Ironman in 3 weeks from now, and did a half Ironman in training last month.  Not as fast as I used to be (and even that was slow!) but still very keen to take part.  If you want to share notes re long distance swimming/cycling/running, get in touch!




Hi Jay,

I'm afraid I've never been a sports woman, even before diagnosis in spring 2016. But I think it's great that you are and intending to keep it up.

The diagnosis takes a while to get used to, and life is never quite the same again. It's certainly different but that's no reason to change your interests and even take up new ones.

My main exercise is lots of dog walking and Tai Chi, nothing as spectacular as yours. The best advice I had is to keep moving and doing activities you like. Don't be put off by some peoples reaction to your diagnosis, not everyone is very tactful.

Thanks @daffy - Interested in the Tai CHi as nurse just recommended it.  Tell me more

Hi Jay,

Tai Chi was recommended to me too. I've only been doing it a few months but do find it helpful. Slow, precise, controlled movements. That turn out to be more complicated than they first seem!

Helps with flexibility, muscle control&posture. it's calming too which helps my tremor.

I have heard that some people with PD find some of the martial arts help too. That's about the extent of my "knowledge" I'm afraid.

From being virtually a professional athlete all of my adult life I have been really,really lazy since my diagnosis.
Something has switched off and I don’t know how to switch it back on again.