Recently diagnosed and meds

Morning I am new to the forum.I live in Spain. Diagnosed in May and had a hard time getting my head round it. Prescribed Azilect 1mg and now 2.1mg Mirapexin . Taking these at night as making me so queasy during the day.

Last week was prescribed 100mg amantadine level to alleviate lethargy and tiredness. No details of this drug helping with this. Can anyone help?

Hi amf55,


have you tried ring the help line on here? they are very good.


Yes called a couple of weeks ago when feeling very down. Not able or keen to comment on treatment given here in Spain.

Will try with specific question about the meds. Thanks

Hi I was diagnosed in Nov last year just like too chat or meet up with people in the same situation

hi where about in country are you ? have you found local support group?

i was diagnosed in sept last year . im in leicestershire . message me if want to chat


Anyone whom lives in or near Lincoln I would happily meet up with BB