Recently diagnosed - does it get better?

I was finally diagnosed with PD in Oct 17 after a DatScan, despite going to my GP over 2 years prior to this and voicing my suspicions to the doctor with whom I discussed it and being told it was arthritis, which I do have. My fairly classic symptoms of lower leg movement and deterioration in handwriting were dismissed. Fortunately my wife, at the time an ITU manager, agreed with me and after seeing a different doctor I was referred to a neurologist. Having waited the inevitable 4 to 5 months I was given an appointment. After some minor tests I was prescribed with Sinemet 4mg which caused severe leg/thigh stiffness and pain, so I stopped taking them after 10 days and this was in June 17. During this period I was having walking problems which resulted in an emergency lower back spinal decompression. I had already received a referral for the DaTScan which eventually resulted in the supply of Requip XL, initially 2 mg rising to 4 mg once per day. Other than a blip last month when I was given a ‘me too’ drug called Repinex, it has stabilised the condition. I have seen the PD Clinical nurse specialist at the QE in Birmingham and received some sound advice from her. My only other problem is that I am still not able to walk without crutches following a knee replacement in January but I get about using a mobility scooter which I purchased myself. All in all I feel quite lucky as a relatively fit 68 year old compared with some of the stories that I have read in the forum. Doubly fortunate that my wife is 10 years younger than I and is still able to work in a high profile job in private health care, without having to give me her full attention. Onwards and upwards!