Recently diagnosed with parkinsonisms



I have recently been diagnosed with parkinsonisms and my consultant has placed me on 10mg of ropinirole and my movement and out look is 100% better does this show that I have Parkinson disease and if so what would be the next step in my treatment ? 


Hi Bobby1983,

Welcome to the forum, this is a great place share to experiences. Please do remember that we also have a free Helpline available where you can speak to a specialist nurse about symptoms, treatments and next steps. Our Helpline number is 0808 800 0303, and the opening hours are Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm. 

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Hi Bobbie

i think Ropinerole is only used for parkinsons and restless leg syndrome, what were you symptoms. You say you are on 10 mg is this a day as it is unusual to start on such a high dose you normally build up slowly because there are some doggy side effect (details on the parkinsons website) . Normally if you respond to medication this can be an indication you have parkinsons although there is no definitive test. Normally diagnosed by a neurologist based on symptoms and clinical observation. There is no cure unfortunately so the future will be to control symptoms through medication. Seek clarification through your consultant or pk nurse.

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They have said I may go onto levdopa I have started with quite an obvious uncontrollable involuntary movement.  I started on 2mg a day but built upto 10 mg within 5 weeks.


although I feel better in myself I'm still quite clumsy and have trouble with coordination will ropinirole help this?


Hi Bobby1983

I am also currently on 8mg Ropinirole a day (recently reduced from 10mg) also 150mg Levodopa a day. As Taffy Tom wrote in his reply to you it is worth having a look at Ropinirole on the Internet as he quite rightly states there are/can be some dodgy side affects associated with this medication I am currently in discussion with my Neurologist as to maybe an alternative as I am not happy with side affects that I am experiencing especially Anxiety attacks, back & shoulder pain, stomach ache, Tremors to mention a few, I would really be interested if anybody else out there has had similar experiences with these meds & how they overcame them.

I will certainly let you know if I get any positive advice :-)

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Thanks for that graham it's all new and I am interested in any information.


Could any one help me with something I was diagnosed with Parkinsonism on January 2016 after nearly a year of test which are still on going, I understand the reason for the intense tests because of my age and it is extremely rare that someone in there early thirties to have Parkinson's disease but does anyone have any information on the time scale it would take to get a diagnosis 


 mine took a year at 44 but then the appointments with the neuro were spread out, the actual tests, bloods including copper poisoning (wilsons), m.r.i ,nerve conduction, eventually a dat scan were over 3 months.