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Hi. I was diagnosed in March when a tremor started in my right hand, but I believe I have had other symptoms over the past few years. I am 65 and a practising lawyer in Canada. I don't know anyone else with PD and find forums such as this one to be very helpful. I maintain a blog describing my journey with PD. If you are interested, you can find it at I started it in August so if you read it, start at the beginning (August 12 "Keeping it Real"). I find writing about my struggles helps me face the future. I am currently on amantadine and mirapex which have combined to control the tremor and so I am feeling pretty good - exhausted, but I can live with that. All in all, I am rather blase about the whole thing while keeping future difficulties on the back burner. Looking forward to hearing from other victims.
Hi wpgchap, welcome to the forum!:)

I like your upbeat blase attitude! I've just tried to look at your blog page, however unfortunately it says the blog doesn't exist. Do I have to register to be able to view blogs?

A warm welcome to the forum wpgchap
You will find lots of interesting cases in here, lots of evidence, much learned debate (and other types of debate too), some fine judgements too. I like your tactic of putting some aspects of the future on the back burner - there will be time for that later. Its important to stay positive - but you know that already and its not unique to PD either.

I'm not sure about the description 'victims'..... perhaps 'defendants' would be better. We have a strong team looking to find a way of reducing what appears to be a life sentence to something more palatable.

I look forward to reading your blog properly -incidentally you made a small typo in the url quoted above. A swift google of 'wpgchap blogspot' will fix that

Elegant Fowl
sorry-blog URL is
Welcome to The forum...married to a Canadian whose been great in supporting me with my recent pd diagnosis. All I can say is stay positive!
Will take a look at your blog
keep blogging