Recently diagnosed


I was diagnosed early this year though it seems that I have had it for two or three years. That explains a lot!

I am 60 and married, living in Lincolnshire.

Struggling with it a bit and very concerned about the future.

I hope to gain a bit of information and support from the forum and will post some more soon.


Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you are struggling and concerned for the future. The forum is a great place for support and to share experiences but if you need any particular information or just want a chat please do call our free Helpline on 0808 800 0303.We are open on Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and on Saturday 10am-2pm.

You can also find more information including local groups and publications at:

I hope this helps.
Best wishes,


Hi Chris,

I'm 66 and live in Yorkshire.

I was diagnosed 3yrs. ago and like you, struggled to come to terms with everything. My neurologist said that by the time symptoms show, I've probably had it for decades! 

I read up on PD by googling it and reading posts on this Forum, which helped a lot......although sometimes a bit scary! The frustrating part of having this disease is that it can affect everyone in different ways at different times. No-one can actually tell you what's going to happen to YOU.

I have accepted therapies on, psychology and had a 'home visit' from our local Support Worker, which was very helpful. You are very much left to be in charge of your own future and how you cope, I have found.

Stress and lack of sleep make the condition worse. I have recently been practising the art of Mindfulness, which is very relaxing.

I hope all goes well for are not alone.