Recently diagnosed

Hi, I am 72 years old and was diagnosed in December 2015 with Parkinson's, so not being too informed about it I started reading up on it and realised that each person diagnosed differs in their symptoms and how they are affected.

I have waited until now before joining a Forum so that I could see how I coped with it on my own, which I have found quite frustrating, especially muscle strength.

Am not quite sure how to get started on here so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Cumbrian lad,

Welcome to the forum, this is a great place to talk to other people affected by Parkinson's. This page on getting started on the forum might be helpful: and this page gives some more information for people who have recently been diagnosed:

Please do remember that you're not alone, and if you'd like to speak to someone you can reach our Helpline team on 0808 800 0303. The team are around on Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and on Saturday: 10am-2pm.

Best wishes,


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Hi Cumbrian lad

your started , welcome  sounds like you will have to go to the gym get muscles stronger ,any problems you may have someone on here  will probably have the answer good luck 


Thanks Joanne, I will have a browse through the pages you have suggested and familiarise myself with the site.


Thanks for the welcome Ian, I reckon you are probably right about getting to the gym, its the leg muscles that are the worst that end up affecting my balance, so I know I need to work on them.

I'll bear in mind about asking other questions about symptoms.


Cumbrian lad good to hear from you ,what about getting an exercise bike then you don't have to even leave the house but to be fair walking is best for legs (am too lazy use car ). Stick at it  let us know how you get on anytime 


Hi Cumbrian lad I was diagnosed March this year so know where you are coming from except I probably read too much info too early on!

I had a GP referral for a health programme at our gum twice a week in Nov and now go 3/4 times a week and notice a difference in strengthening my muscles and helping with the ridgity in my L balance is still poor  so treadmill and bike is better for me than walking ....I like my car!

I so I agree get to the gym and keep in touch


Hi cumbrian lad,

It definitely pays to keep active and exercise often, although i seize up soon afterwards, whilst doing it i am like anyone else, well nearly! This forum has its place, there is humour, information and company all if and when you want it. I hope it works for you..


Good luck


hello Cumbrian lad.

My husband has had Parkinsons for 10+ years now, he has just started using a exercise bike in the house, he found it helps his tremor, plus I walk with him every day to keep him going, some days he don't want to go out, as he stumbles  

Welcome to this site, its good to talk


Hi everyone, thanks for all the posts and suggestions.

I think I certainly need to look into getting to a gym sooner rather than later. We are in the throws of moving house (and area), so once moved I think I will look to buy an exercise bike as well as finding a gym.

I have found it difficult to get around a golf course at the moment although I did manage 9 holes this week as well as a further walk in the afternoon, consequently I overdid it and suffered badly over the next 2 days, recovering now.

Balance seems to be the main problem especially when turning round on the spot.

The one thing I do try and do is take out my 2 dogs for a walk after lunch every day, they help to keep me walking.

Again thanks to everyone for the welcome and comments.

Hi Cumbrian lad

dogs are great cause no matter what the weather they look for their walk ,what kind of dogs do you have ? We have a golden retriever called dude he's 15now so walks are small but he enjoys them ,take it easy flitting as its a stressful thing all the best 


Hi Ian

My dogs are Welsh Border Collies, both 13 years old. Had them since they were 4 weeks old. Both from working farm dogs. They are good company and as you say, they always look for a walk. Your Golden Retriever is a good age at 15. Not too bad now as we are only waiting for exchange and a date.


Hi Cumbrian lad 

good age the dogs are a big part of the family , don't know who is the worst walker dude or myself  ,tai chi classes are supposed  to be good for balance so iam told if there's a class near you even if you go for a look and then decide if it's for you take care of yourself and the dogs 


Hi all,

i haven't posted anything since April 2016, this was just around the time I moved home.

Unfortunately I had a very awkward fall and broke my back. This made me virtually immobile for some months. I decided to concentrate on getting back on my feet and start my legs walking again, this took up most of my energy.

I now feel a lot better as I am now using just one stick to get around the house and use a walker when outside.

I now want to concentrate on buillding my core stomach muscles to help me strengthen my back. The fracture has healed but my Parkinsons leaves me with problems walking upright. Any advice on any exercises to help would be welcome.

Thanks in anticipation.

Cumbrian lad (CL)

Try the swimming always good and walking if possible 

god luck Ian 

Hi Cumbrian lad,

I'm a million miles from being any kind of expert, but here is what has helped me. I still use the Wii fit to do my exercises. There are balance games, aerobic games, and yoga too. I like the fact that I can do exercises in the privacy of my own home, anytime of day, for the briefest of workouts or a bit more of a session without getting in anyones  way.

To help make the most of the exercises, I started off wearing 0.5Kg wrist weights, after a very short while I moved on to 1.0Kg wrist weights. Not sure if this is something that might help you or not. I have also worn the wrist weights and done random arm and torso movement whilst sitting and also whilst laying on my back, you will know your limitations on that one.

Currently I'm back to using the 0.5Kg weights whilst the wound in my chest recovers after DBS being installed three weeks ago. I hope to get back to  the 1Kg weights soon. 

Best regards,






Aye aye CL 

how the hec did you manage to do that to your back ? ( only if you want to say that is ) I was in hospital once with a broken ankle and the poor bloke in the bed next to me had a broken back he was braced up and couldn't move I felt sorry for him not a nice experience for anyone to deal with 

Thanks Ian, I'll try and give the swimming a go.


Thanks, Tractorman, I forgot about the wii. I'll give it a go and see how I get on.


My knee gave way and I lost my balance, fell sideways and backwards, bounced off the side of a unit and hit the floor twisting into the patio window. 

Still, it could have been worse, it only broke in one place and not more.

Took me 10 months to getting around with 2 sticks. So feel I am winning.

Onwards and upwards.