Recently Diagnosed

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons. I have been given tablets which I have been finding difficult. So I am interested to know how other people get on with medication. Also how best to handle side effects.

Hi Praxis,

Some of the meds used to manage PD can and often do take a few weeks to settle down whilst your body gets used to them.

What side effects are making things difficult for you?



hi iv e had pd for 16 years now dx at 32 !!

the pills take an awfull long time to get right (it took near ly a year to get mine perfect)

but they are really good you will go through some terrible dark days when you feel like giving in but dont the bestt attitude to take is im not gona give in to parkinsons

once they get your meds right things will get much better iv had it 16 years is till drive and do most of the things i used to do but without my meds im f####cked

check any loan,mortgages credit cards you have as you will have some form of cover on them and the insurance should pay out  and clear your loans

besy of luck m8 and get ready for the rollercoaster that is parkinsons at least lifes never dull hhahaha


As has been said above, it can take a while for meds to settle. Take your meds at same time every day. You may need to eat an hour before meds and wait half hour after. Depending on type of meds. Ginger biscuits good for upset stomach. 

I would wait an hour and a half, after eating, before taking more medication, rather than half an hour. Medication is absorbed better on an empty stomach and so more effective. If they make you feel nauseous, then take them with a dry biscuit or cracker.



Your right Twinks, sorry was thinking of my own situation. I only take meds once a day at the moment.