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Hello. My father has advanced Parkinson's according to his neurologist and he is now in a wheel chair. I am distance caring as he lives in Canada and I am in the uk which does make it difficult. He has 24/7 care privately it he cannot sustain it for too long. We are getting him onto the waiting list for long term nursing care but the list could be a few years long. Web I spoke to him yesterday he said he had his first shaking episode. Can't remember what he called it. But he did mention that he hadn't had a zombie day recently which was good.

Does anyone know what might be coming next, or what the stage is likely to be?

Hello Batwoman and a warm welcome to the forum,
This forum is full of people affected by Parkinson's either as PWP or carers, family, friends etc. They can answer almost any question except for 'what next?'. Parkinson's is a very variable condition which affects different people in different ways and progresses at different rates. The same is true to some degree of the meds and their side effects.

Are you able to speak to the neurologist directly? He may be able to give you a better idea. Is the diagnosis of Parkinson's recent or has he known for some time?
Is he on medication?

I hope you find the forum as helpful as I have done

Elegant Fowl
hiya welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx 12 years im 43 years old.everything ef has posted i would agree with,this disease unfortunally is a difficult one ,and we all seem to be moving along with symtoms in different ways.for example,i went to the young on set confrence to do with parkinsons ,run by parkinsons uk for a weekend,and to my shock,we all seemed different to one another,ok some had tremors,some had walking probs,some in chairs,some with push alongs some with sticks,some with out nothing and could not tell they had was totally strange.but it a good may not be wot you wonna here,but i thought it be best to try so sorry for your father at the stage he is at the mo,and i dont no the next stage for him.may be his neuroligist or pd nirse can give that advice,and aslo depends on his medication if it working for him,or needs to be looked at.i do hope the best for him,and i feel for you being so far away from him.please keep in touch with the forum,there is lot of surport here and very friendly people who will be willing to chat with you.good luck x:smile:
Hello Batwoman, I never thought I would ever get to say those words so thank you
for that. I was greatly saddened by your situation , it must be a huge drain on your emotions my heart goes out to you and your Dad, PD is so unpredictable its
attacks so savage that its ,I would say worse for loved ones seeing Fathers,
mothers brothers suffer when in its grip. I am sure your father will be receiving
the best care, you mentioned his Zombie day, that is an amazingly correct description of the shutdown mode which cripples me at least once a day sometimes
three or four times, as I said Its hard to pin down, I wish I could offer a more
comforting picture, Batwoman, I wish I could , Im sad for you.
I hope all will come right for you and your Father.
Kindest Regards fedexlike

Thanks for the replies. I am new to this so think I replied personally rather than post. Oops.

It is heartening to hear such good spirits about this disease as I know that my dad does get quite depressed. We lost my stepmother just over two years ago and that has affected him too.

I am going to see him in April so can assess him further for myself. I have spoken to his neurologist who said it was advanced and progressing slowly so maybe his first dysko event is his next stage. It seems to be a global personal disease.

Thank you