Recently started with an apo-GO pen

I’ve recently started to use an APO GO PEN.
My consultant suggest I stay on all of my current Meds.
Does this seem normal.

Im guessing that it is, my consultant explained see what works and what does not. I know this is an old post so your probably all sorted with it by now.

I have only just been started on the Apo-Go pen, reason being that the D-pen i was currently on there is an ongoing supply problem which put me in a bad spot as i was on 3 injections a day 3mg. Ended up about a wk with no injections, not good. Was seen by my consultant and was told as lots of patients was having same issue, that he will no longer prescribe the deceeptocon (D-Pen)

Finally got the Apo-Go pen today and i have to say its got me abit confused. On the D-Pen you dialed in your dosage, when you injected the dial went bk to zero making a click when it was done.
Now with this Apo-Go pen is it me not pressing hard enough on the big Red button cause im not sure now if its injected anything (dial stay at 3). Dont want to double dose myself.
Any ideas?

All sorted figured it out

I have recently been prescribed the Apo-morphine injections as having a lot of off periods. it is supposed to be a rescue until my other meds kick in. Since taking them however my off period symptoms are a lot worse. I shake all over and my legs turn to jelly and feel like the blood supply has been cut off. Has anyone else had this problem? It doesn’t list this as a side effect, it maybe a coincidence. I am at my wits end as running out of meds that I haven’t tried and DBS has a 3 year wait, so will be too old to have it by then.