Good morning all.I have a settee that reclines at both ends
I've had it for about 4 years and I love it.Last night I was sat really comfy as usual legs up watching teli,then we had a power cut. The recliner is electrically operated,and I was stuck. There I was in pitch black,with my legs in the air not able to move.My husband could not do any thing for laughing,so he was no help.I just thought thankfully i wasn't on my own. Have a nice day.Angel4ux



We've solved this problem by gettting a gas one.



Hi Ray can you smoke sitting on one of those?

oh angel, you have made my day! not that I am pleased about you getting stuck. The spade might just come in useful just now

Giggle Giggle, this raised a chuckle, but poor you :fearful:

Best wishes


Angel, you COULD, but it might invalidate the insurance. Suggest you get an oil one.

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Oil that's a good idea, I could rub some on my joints also. Gas is definitely a no no with my track record I'm sure ill go to bed one night in Skegness and i'll wake up in Newcastle.ANGEL:fearful:

Just caught up with this Angel, sorry to laugh at your predicament but..............

Tut, tut - nasty Pebble!


Well I'm blowed , after reading this thread My husband woke me during the night to go to the toilet it was pitch black .. We had had a power cut .

The last time this happened he had got to the top stair wih me behind him when the lights went out . The worse possible place , fortunately I don't panick but it was a bit sticky at the time . I have since put a small battery camping light upstairs , It is very helpful and has a carrying handle . it is quite bright and came in very handy last night .

On the occasional evening I go out and he is left on his own I leave a lamp ready beside him just in case along with one of the new little lights that you canjust press ..

I am thinking of writing a book of tips that I have used ..

Good morning all.Its ok I laugh at myself all the time.My face muscles are well used.If you don't smile your face will crack,believe me ,:smile:I've seen a few of those.:smile:

Hi Johnnie,just read your post.It would be loverly if you could share your tips with us.Angel

:grin:Yes I have an electric reclining chair , but it has a battery back-up for power cuts. I also have easy battery touch lamps in every room , so I know I will always be able to see and hopefully not fall.

I had my recliner plumbed into my toilet via a couple of archimedean screws

So I'm pretty much covered every day. Especially if I hand crank it the in the wrong direction.

:) I know it wasn't funny for you but the image your post conjured up
really brightened my day hope it was a short power-cut.

I once "froze" in the doorway to the local public loos - how's that for instant
unpopularity ?! There were people trying to get in and others trying to get out & me
standing there like an embarrassed fence-post.....eventually a hefty passer-by lifted me to one side.

Hi Eck are you on the same meds has me?:smile:

Hi Pulla Did the gentlemam think you were a cardboard cut out. :smile:

I hate public loos I always have trouble with the locks

Only if he thinks cardboard blushes :)

what a good idea plumbing the toilet into the chair lol. I will ask th OCC Tther apist that one ..

o angel 4 u in the wars agin :laughing:sorry i should not laugh,first it ur handbag in the car door now the recliner,dare i say things come in threes :wink:only jokin ,take care of ur self xx:smile:

Did you know that they recently auctioned off a toilet roll from the Abbey Road studio which had been REJECTED by the Beatles!?

They'd complained that it was too hard & shiny, and demanded a better quality replacement!