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hi ocupational therepy came out to me today to me bunglow to chat about other itemds i may need with in me home,my gp had mentioned about a reacling arm chair for my posture,and gettin up and out of a chair strugglin alot now.she was a very nice lady ,came from south africa still had her acernt.she took measurements of me and said i will need a petite chair,will go back to the stores and see if one in stock,she rang me back with in the hour and there was ,it comin on thursday and she comin out on friday to do some ajustments with me in it etc.if not in stock she would of ordered one and been 6 weeks to come,which i was still very happy about this,for the purfact that i was able to have somethin like this to help me.has anyone else recived a chair like this from c.t and if so how are you gettin on with it?and also for people who dont no they can get somethin as large as this for help,i thought i would let you no we can ,and thought it may be helpful for other folk in the same positon as me:smile:
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My O/H bought me a leather recliner/rise electric chair a few months ago cost nearly £1000 so you are indeed very lucky to have have been given one of these chairs free gratis. I find mine is a great help to good luck with yours.
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we also purchased a reclining chair . Had through our community mobility shop . Very dissapointed in the comfort . It has an Iron frame and the seat support is also iron . The cushioning is so thin you can feel the frame through it ..
The electric part is fine
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At the moment i have 3 cushions to support my back in my armchair, a few weeks ago i ordered one of these stressless chairs for myself, you don`t need cushions with them and they move with you. It seemed very comfortable in the shop - costing about £900 they would need to will be another couple of weeks before it`s delivered.
Does anyone else have one and if so how do you get on with it?
Perhaps i should have got an electric one instead.

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Hi Joval, we have a friend who swears by her stressless chair, she has the foot stool as well. Hope you love yours when it arrives....

Radz x
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im hopin when mine arrives thursday its good ,people sayin they bought them and the prices of erm,ive seen erm advertized on the tv,but it was gp who told me to contact ocupational health and they will come and speak with me measure me,cus im petite one they said i need.all i can do is wait,i will let you all now come thurs and friday ,when lady comes out to me agin and i tell you how i get on with it.fingers crossed,or i will buy one if have to:smile:
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im so happy, oc,brought out my reacling chair to me today,and its brand new,i was so shocked,ithothought i would be reciveing a secound hand one.the man told me it was worth 700 pounds,im really chuffed,and it goes with my other furniture in me livin room as well,does not stand out like a sore thumb.i goes rite back in to lyin positon,then legs go rite up,then it goes rite forward to help you get out of the chair,its brill.sorry for wobblin on folks,im just so anone who needs one of htese chairs for posture and back ,and gettin up out of a chair,give ur gp a call,and he contact oc for ya ,and u will have a nice chair like this one to helps you as well.:smile:
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Hi, I was searching for the recliners. And got a few options in this article “Best Reclining Chairs for Parkinson’s Patients”. Here in this article, I have found “SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat”. I want to know if this seat is helpful in PD. If anyone has bought it previously, then please help me.

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We just wanted to make sure you’re aware of our website at where we have a shop, as well as links to partners, who provide furniture and tools with PWP in mind. You might find some options here: and of course you can always all our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303 for one on one support.

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