Recognition of symptoms

Ok, this isn’t going to be popular, and I apologise. ‘awarded’
If you're aged 16 to 64 you could get between £22 and £141.10 a week by claiming Personal Independence Payment ( PIP ). The amount you get depends on how your condition affects you, not the condition itself. You'll be assessed by a health professional to work out the level of help you can get.
Now, we who have been DX several years know only too well what a cheating, degrading, insulting trickster this silly condition throws at us.  The comments look’d never look amazing, you’re doing great, she must have been DX wrong, blue badge...what a joke. I’ve heard it all...and I’ve also had to sit on the edge of a plant pot in a shopping centre  because I can’t move, had to pull into a lay-by because I’m overwhelmed with fatigue, been unable to cuddle my grandchildren in my arms because my tremor is crazy, dropped so many cups and glasses I’m considering disposable option lol, tried to get involved in conversations when I’m completely lost, going to bed feeling exhausted to discover that your mind has other plans. Parkinson’s is misunderstood, and it’s cruel.  I am in awe of a founder of a fb group and what she achieves.....but is it the true picture of Parkinson’s?  We can’t have it all....can we?

Ali P,

Totally agree PD is bad enough but it is often the opinion of others that bring us down,, no acknowledgement for the impact of this condition/disease.

I have been questioned about my financial position by neighbours 'do you get disability allowance ? Closely followed by 'its alright for some"    when I dont put my bin out the  neighbours dont do it for me as I am a fraud in their eyes....They see my curtains shut for days when I am too ill too go out, dont say a word.  If the neighbour sees me going down the steps without using the hand rail I get " oh, you ok now, didn't need the rail then ?"  

Oh could go on, yes  people in the first few years of diagnosis with their gym kit on and cries of going to the gym everyday, I lost weight,I look great well I am pleased thats great but lets see more of the not doing so well people..  Lets say we are fighting it, going out when we think PD has given us a break, but lets also say its not always great,

Without that honesty who is going to support us.?

Pip's assessment is paid to help you buy the support, equipment you need, sometimes you only need it part of the day, sometimes all of the day. It is a complex system.

Ali P   still popular in my book x