Recommendations for most reliable Conveen please

After a 3 week stay in hospital my elderly father with PD is no longer able to get out of bed and to the loo on his own. He and I are having very broken nights and are both exhausted. we are trying coveen sheaths at bedtime, which work fairly well but dont last all day and are prone to leaking so at night he wakes up call for help to make sure he isnt wet. I need to find a product that fits well and will give him the confidence to rest and not make day and night calls of nature so stressful and fatiguing for him. Our GP surgery have provided b.sure sheaths. Are there any better, more reliable products out there?

Hello. Hope it is ok to bump this thread. I have a similar question and I’m not seeing any replies but am sure there are some. Everyone here is so helpful


Sorry so late replying. I haven’t had my notifications set up correctly

In the end we found the Coloplast Charter Optima convene was the better option for my dad.