Recommended Doctors in Kent

Hello all, please can you give me some advice? I'm looking for a good doctor in Kent to help with my wife's treatment. Can anyone give me any advice on this?
Hi Rubber,
There's a great tool that you might find useful called Dr Foster Health

You can find consultants in your area by condition and area of specialty.

I hope it helps.

Hello Ezinda

Thank you that is very useful.

Morning Rubber...

I just wondered whereabouts in Kent you needed a Consultant?...

I am in S E Kent and am under the most brilliant, perceptive man -
not sure whether I'm supposed to 'advertise' on the Forum, so if I
can be of help, my 'private message' facility is open - just 'give
me a shout'... (oh.. and this man does both NHS and private)..

Might hear from you... regards bursardavid
Hello Bursardavid

We are in North East Kent so South East is easy to get to. I don't know how to go on your private site, but I am sure it should not hurt to name a good doctor.

Cheers Rubber