Recumbant trike

I was a keen cyclist but since I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's I have been struggling to do as much my cordination and balance are poor and I get tired and then I am in danger of falling off. 

I have solved the problem with a motor assist recumbant trike.

I can now cycle and keep up with my friends and husband and it is such good fun.

Also when I go out everyone smiles and chats to me. It cheers me up when I am feeling down.

I have met 2 men who have had strokes and one lady with MS with the same trikes.

Are there any on this forum maybe interested in meeting up for rides?

Would love to - where are you? I'm in south west. 

what make & model is your bike?


Ice sprint.

I am based in Worcestershire. 12 miles west of Birmingham.

Also spend a lot of time on the mid Wales coast.

The ice sprint looks a great way to cycle!

i am just about hanging in there on my road bike, but can't go nearly as far or as fast as I used to. 20-25 miles max round trip out now. We have a tandem too so if terrain suits we go a bit further on that, but its harder work on the hills. I don't  have any confidence cycling in traffic or groups now. I did buy an elect bike in February but it was too heavy for me to get it safely in & out of store at home and it unbalanced me when I stopped on a sloping lane & I fell sideways breaking my collar bone. Ten weeks off any bike while it healed seemed like forever! I have worked hard to regain some strength & fitness this summer but I have to accept that the heady days of leading the pack up hills are very long gone. A trike will be a safer solution when I really feel the need to have elec assistance.

Do you have a vehicle you can transport your trike in or just cycle near home?

Maybe in the spring we could plan a meet up. I am in Somerset near M5, so not an impossibility. Would be good if some others respond to your posting too.


The trike is great and so much fun.

It does fold and will go in the back of our car folded or not.

Would love to meet up. 

I have been out with friends on my new trike and had a great ride.