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I have an ache in my right arm & leg ( and a little in my left leg) that is getting worse. At night I get to sleep very quickly then wake over and over again, unable to stay still due to being extremely uncomfortable due to the aching legs/arm.  I haven't slept properly for ages but don't want to take sleeping pills if at all possible. Any advice will be greatfully received.


you may not be moving around during sleep. I too used to fall asleep very quickly but wake up a few hours later with numb arms and pins and needles. I figured out that I wasn't moving around during sleep because I was at the end of my dopamine dose by the time it got to the middle of the night.

I take prolonged release pramipexole and madopar; I take the madopar during the day but leave the pramipexole for just before bedtime. This tops up the dopamine to enable me to have enough to move about during sleep. I haven't woken up with pins and needles in ages

hope this helps

dr jonny

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I have the same problem  aching shoulders and arms do disrupt my sleep , i am currently taking Azilect  which do provide some relief during the day but i tend to find the dose is wearing off on a evening before bedtime , i am hoping the neuro will be able to add something to the azilect to help when  they have worn off

Thanks,  it's something to mention to the Parkinson's Dr (not getting a very supportive response so far).

Lack of sleep is really wearing me down and your response has given me hope that it can be improved on.