Reducing sinimet

Can any one give some advice my husband was put on pramipexole 1.05 mg slow release and was also taking 3x 62.5 sinimet but they caused dyskinesia we was told to take pramipexole for a month then cut the sinimet in half , which we did now his tremor has come back and his coordination  is not as good we have rung parkinson nurse but waiting for a reply his walking had got a lot better any ideas please .

My husband has reduced his sinimet from 3 x62.5 daily and was told to take 3 half sinimet daily due to dyskinesia he's also om pramipexole 1.05 mg slow release but his tremour has returned and during the night it's terrible even wakes me up at times also cannot settle to go to sleep he says his body is tired but his brain is active he never comes to bed until 3 or 4 am then is awake by 9 ish has any one else had any problems like this .

have you tried taking meds at different times of day sinemet last for 4hrs aprox try different times take half a hour to get into system
Also maybe ask if you can go on sinemet cr instead of premipexole do not understand why mixing pd drugs cr should be taken at bedtime to help you move also help sleep last for 12 hrs helped me
Taking slow release is unpredictable during the day time