Reducing the dosage

Hi all, I have been a sufferer for about 6 years now and have been on madopar for sometime.

I have decided to reduce my daily intake as I feel it is not doing anything for me and having lost my job in the credit crunch £7.10 per prescription every 4 weeks has to be taken seriously!

I am down to about 200 mg per day now and I feel no different to when I was on 800 mg.

Has anyone else had the experience of "coming down" and if so has this helped or in the long run has it been a bad move?

I've more than halved my use of levadopa in the last few months. I have added selegiline to my drug regime and have a much smoother day. Also i've added folic acid and a actomil drink in the mornings and this seems to have helped too. Mind you, this works for me but we are all different, it's trial and error.

As for your prescription charges, surely if you aren't working you can get help with your prescriptions or buy a prescription certificate for a year, unfortunately i think it only pays to have a yearly prescription certificate of you're on more than one type of medication, worth asking though. Ask at your local pharmacy, they will be able to advice you on prescription charges and benefits. Also watch your intake of protein around food times. Don't cut down on protein intake but try to eat the bulk of protein later on in the day so that it doesn't make the levadopa less effective.

Ring the PDS Helpline and ask to speak to someone in confidence about rights and benefits, there maybe help out their that you're entitled too. I think its disgusting that you have to worry about paying for your prescriptions and the unnecessary impact it can have on your PD

I reduced the husbands dose of Sinemet from Sinemet plus x4 daily to Sinemet 110 x 4 . because it seemed that just after takiNg them he would switch off and drool . Unfortunately he doesn't seem any different with the reduction .... Maybe he needed them increased . WHAT DO I KNOW '!!!!!!!! It is so complicated isn't it ..He also muses a Rotigotine patch 6 Mg . I can't honestly say any of the doses have help at all .. They have never ev tried any other drug for him .. His consultant handbag just retired he was a consultant with care of the elderly who also dealt with the Parkinsons people .